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Two resources for the study of the Five Mental Hindrances

From Mark Nunberg: Two resources for the study of the Five Mental Hindrances – forces in the mind that hinder the continuity and steadiness of mindful awareness:

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Heart Practice

Stacy McClendon, our board chair and one of the facilitators for the People of Color Community Group, wrote a nice reflection on metta practice recently and Shelly and I thought we’d share it. The POC group meets on the 1st

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Mindfulness of Breathing Instructions

Hi everyone,   Mark’s talking about the Buddha’s instructions on Mindfulness of Breathing this week and for the next few weeks. Check out the Buddha’s original teaching and notes from different teachers on these teachings here.   Love,   Gabe

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Antiracism Circle Being Offered this Fall near CG!

This fall, starting October 1 there will be an Antiracism Study and Dialogue Circle (ASDIC) offered a few blocks from Common Ground, at Faith Mennonite Church (2720 E 22nd St, Minneapolis, MN 55406). We highly encourage everyone, especially teachers and

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Community Member and Festival Performer Ellis’ Reflections on Racism and Awareness

Hi friends! Our dear community member and festival performer Ellis recently posted some reflections on racism and awareness that we thought we’d share with you!

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Dear friend and teacher Nicole Taras’ passing

August 3, 2016 To Our Beloved Common Ground Community, Yesterday, our dear friend, teacher and leader Nicole Taras passed away after a long and difficult struggle with respiratory illness. Several of us met with Nicole on Sunday afternoon two days before her

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Want to be in a film about mindfulness and work?

Rikshaw Films will be filming an educational video at Common Ground about Mindfulness and Well-being and they’re looking for five professionals to share their stories. More information below. CASTING NOTICE – Rikshaw Films

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New Weekly Practice Group Book: Ajahn Sucitto’s Meditation: A Way of Awakening

Hi everyone, Mark Nunberg is now using Ajahn Sucitto’s book Meditation: A Way of Awakening, for the Weekly Practice Groups. You can download a copy of the book here.

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An Experience with A Twist of View

By Rebecca Fahey Oh what joy to have the rug pulled out from under me!  It looks like the rug, “my” rug, was the magic carpet constructed by a child’s need.  I’m learning to appreciate and celebrate the child’s ability

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Some resources on trans*competence

Hi everyone, I’d like to share with you some resources on trans*competence as a way to encourage us all to continue to develop our capacity to be inclusive and welcoming at the center. Let me know if you have any

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