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Wisdom and the Activity of the Mind

Dear Common Ground friends, There is no worse danger than a mind without mindfulness and no greater protection than being clearly aware of the mind and its activity. Wisdom reflects back the activity of our mind. Without wisdom we remain

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Why the Past Isn’t Personal

I’ve spent much of my meditation practice learning to let go of the past, a past at times so horrific that it seems to hover over the present. Often when I’m mulling over the past, I find myself rationalizing and

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Stepping Twice Into the River

I have a pesky habit of getting stuck in the past, of brooding over relationships and events, analyzing and wishing for a different outcome along the way. Sometimes, I find myself tête-à-tête with a particularly unsmooth shard from the past’s

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Post-Retreat: Reentering Life’s Freeway

Imagine laying in a forest, bathed by the fourth-dimensional serenity of nature and sunlight playing across the landscape.  And, suddenly, a wormhole opens and you are thrust onto the middle of a freeway junction with cars zigzagging in every direction. 

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The Extraordinary Ordinary

When my sister and I were growing up, we started to catalogue Dad’s various idiosyncratic sayings.  Some were out of context, some were hilarious and some were actually profound, as in, “Life is made up of moments.” Life is full

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Lessons from Walnuts

Some days my practice seems perfect, just right.  I’m filled with love and compassion, patience for life’s inanities and generosity towards pretty much everything.  My life makes sense, I make sense, I observe and accept and everything is beautiful.  Even

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Right Speech as a Path to Peace

To speak is only human, so we all have our problems with Right Speech. For some, the challenge is resisting the urge to gossip. Other people shade the truth all day long, dramatizing every memory in the retelling, or padding

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The Mindfulness Watch

To cultivate mindfulness, I’ve heard teachers give the following advice: “Short moments, many times.” To help me on that path, I bought a watch with a vibrating alarm. I set it to go off every 30 minutes. (No one else

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Paul: Classroom practice and openness to unpredictability

This is the third of three conversations with Common Ground members about how they take their practice into the world. Scroll down for the first two conversations. Paul Sackaroff, an English teacher at Columbia Heights High School, first got interested

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First impressions: Reflections on the new digs

The first thing that hit me when I entered the new Common Ground building was the stones. I love the little stones. I had been in the building several times while it was a work in progress. I was ready

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