Year: 2010

Lessons from Walnuts

Some days my practice seems perfect, just right.  I’m filled with love and compassion, patience for life’s inanities and generosity towards pretty much everything.  My life makes sense, I make sense, I observe and accept and everything is beautiful.  Even

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Thoughts on Attachment

The Buddha taught about suffering and the end of suffering. The Buddha said that attachment is the source of all suffering. Freedom from attachment is freedom from suffering. I think the Buddha was actually referring to a certain type of

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Joyful Backpacking

How was it possible to feel such immense joy while hiking 24 miles of mountainous terrain carrying 40 pounds on the back of my 105 pound body? But that is exactly what happened. Joy happened. Gratitude. Love. Peace. Clarity. The

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Right Speech as a Path to Peace

To speak is only human, so we all have our problems with Right Speech. For some, the challenge is resisting the urge to gossip. Other people shade the truth all day long, dramatizing every memory in the retelling, or padding

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In Memoriam: Renie Howard

Update: The memorial service for Renie is at a new location: Faith Mennonite Church, 2720 E. 22nd St at 1 p.m., Jan 2. Potluck reception follows at Common Ground, 2700  E. 26th St. Bring a dish to share (or not).