Community Group Facilitators

Book Groups: Julie Corty, Rebecca Fahey, Susan Rosen, Paul Sackaroff, Kathleen Zuckerman

Dharma Flicks:  Jana Larson

Gay Men’s Practice Group: Tom Carlson

Dharmacore Queer Meditation Group:  scottie hall, Freeman Wicklund

Mental Health Practitioners: Mary Clark, Michael Harris, Linda Klein, Christy Schick,

Men’s Group:  Femi Akinnagbe, Kevin Obsatz, Kyle Feldman, Alan Hintermeister

Mindfulness for Caregivers:  Stefanie Bell-Egge, Tyler Frank, Ramesh Sairam

Mindfulness and Depression:  Caleb Easterly, Dan Farnham, Jana M

People of Color Community Group: Femi Akinnagbe, Lenice Gregory, Stacy McClendon, Meski Mebatsion, Myra Rucker

Sprout House:  Erica Schultz, Gabe Keller, Emily Hurd

Study Group: Mark and Jan Young

Sutta Study Groups:  Mark Nunberg

If you are interested in contacting or being a part of one of these groups, please visit our Community Groups page.

All Common Ground leaders, teachers, and facilitators follow Common Ground’s Ethical Standards for Harmonious Community Life.