2 Opportunities to Participate in Research on Meditation

Hi folks, sometimes we get invitations from universities that are studying meditation to pass along opportunities to participate in studies. Here are two we got recently, in case anyone is interested in helping them out:

  1. Undergraduate students from the University of Colorado Denver are conducting research on individual differences in emotional processing among meditators. They have asked if those of you who have time and are interested could complete a short (30 minute) survey. They thank you in advance for your willingness to participate voluntarily and help further scientific understanding of emotional regulation in meditators. Any questions can be directed to emerald.saldyt@ucdenver.edu.

Here is the anonymous survey link:


2. Help researchers at the University of Melbourne to better understand the potential effects of mindfulness/meditation on health and happiness. More info here: https://melbourneuni2.au1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_dnfZ2fW2KEijfYp 

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