Common Ground Seventh Annual Day of Remembrance

Common Ground Seventh Annual Day of Remembrance

Sunday, November 1, 2020,  2:00 – 3:30 pm on Zoom

With the COVID 19 pandemic, George Floyd’s murder and racial uprisings, wild unstopping fire, the economic downturn and pervasive sense of uncertainties, this has been a stressful year for many of us. It also evoked a need to awaken and remember what is truly essential for our peace and happiness. We lost our love ones especially the elders, to the virus, Black and Brown brothers and sisters to the police killings and COVID, our jobs and lifestyle security and countless more. We as a sangha meet on zoom instead of sitting together in the beautiful dharma hall sharing our breaths and our aspirations. It has been a year like no other when we are faced with the truth of impermanence, and deeper need for love, connection, and community. 

At times like these, we believe it is particularly meaningful and hopefully healing to come together as a community to acknowledge our grief, honor the departed loved ones, and release what cannot be held on to, like the idea of “normalcy.” Making healing connections opens space for courage and renew commitment to the practice of awakening and compassion.

There will be a sit, community ritual, a short talk, and music by Linda Breitag. We will help you to create a simple altar of your own for the occasion. Have a candle, water and a bowl, an image/statue of your benefactor (the Buddha, your teacher, your ancestor, any symbol that gives you strength), something from nature like a rock, a feather, flower/leaf etc., and one or more objects (such as a photo, a symbolic object that represents the deceased/your loss), and an optional cloth or scarf to define the altar space. 

Please save the date and time. Check the public calendar for the Zoom link.

Facilitated by

Kyoko Katayama

Patrice Koelsch

Ellen Hufscmidt


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