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Hi everyone, I’m passing along a request from a community member:
My name is Amy and I foster Baymax, a 3 year old Great Pyrenees, for the Northstar Great Pyrenees Rescue of Minnesota.  Baymax has endured extreme abuse, neglect and abandonment which has resulted in PTSD, anxiety and lack of trust for humans all of which he is making great strides in recovery from.
Baymax has made such great progress for several reasons (over and above the fact that he is an extraordinary dog).  To bring his mind down and to teach him peace I meditate with him using a special Present Moment meditation. Also, I have turned down my transmitter and upped my receiver so I can hear him enough to allow him to teach me.  Additionally he is on (now a very low dose of) medication.
However, despite his progress healing, his history insists the need for a very special human. Baymax needs a person who is interested in caretaking a dog for the opportunity to learn about and explore their own personal nature through self as a dog, much in the same way J. Allen Boone did with Strongheart back in the 1920’s.  Baymax is exquisitely sensitive and he will mirror back any mind made states his human is toting about therefore Baymax needs a person who is low key yet awake, alert to the contents of their mind and its effects on their emotions.  Baymax needs a person who wants a companion, spirtual teacher and a friend in the form of a dog.
Though the rescue has posted Baymax on PetFinder, I thought I would increase the chances of helping Baymax’s person to find him by soliciting the meditation community. It seems like the best chance  to find his person.  In the right environment this dog is going to flourish and have a chance to fulfill his purpose and make a wonderful, funny, loving, caring, companion.
This is truly “Strongheart searching for his J. Allen Boone.”
For more info you can find Baymax posted on PetFinders:
If this isn’t your dog but could be someone you know who doesn’t live in Minnesota, I will be willing to bring Baymax to where ever his person is.
Thank you for helping us.

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