Global Day of Prayer

Greetings Friends,
Many of the leaders at Common Ground will be participating in a Global Day of Prayer tomorrow, March 8th, a force of  goodness and solidarity that will mark the beginning of the jury selection process in the trial of Derek Chauvin. At this time, out of respect for the grieving process as neighbors of 38th and Chicago reckon with yet another death in the community, all events scheduled for tomorrow will be held virtually.  Teachers Shelly Graf and Stacy McClendon as well as Board members Arleta Little, Phillip Cryan, and scottie hall are planning on attending the Candlelight Vigil in the evening. There are many other events and options for participation tomorrow, including an opportunity to ring bells, light candles, and pause for an 8 minute and 46 second moment of silence beginning at 8 AM local time wherever you are in the world. We offer our intentions to participate in case it helps you feel more comfortable jumping in where you see fit. Check out the website for a full description of events.

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