New Racial Affinity Group for Male Buddhist-Jews

New CG Community RAG ( Racial Affinity Group) for Bu-Jews. Examining Privilege, Oppression, and Civic Engagement for Buddhist-Jewish practitioners.

This community group is for white- male- Buddhist-Jews who are interested in understanding the intersection of race, ethnicity, and privilege.  Specifically, we will engage in the inner work of waking up to our collective privilege as white Jews, examine the role of historical trauma, and commit to “Tikkun Olam” (repairing the world) by engaging in civic responsibility.

The end goal is not just to become more aware of the ways that we may be (un)consciously complicit in supporting white supremacy, but also to use tools mindful practice to work through the difficult obstacles (i.e.complacency, guilt) in the way of becoming stronger allies with BIPOC in fighting systemic racism and other injustices. (BIPOC=Black, Indigenous, People of Color)

We will use several sources as guides in our meetings (Suggested sources:  Resmaa Menakem’s My Grandmother’s Hands and Ruth King’s Mindful of Race)

Some guiding questions for this group will be:

*In what ways are we privileged?

*How have the identities of being white and/or Jewish benefitted us?

*How has anti-semitism, historical oppression, and intergenerational trauma (stories or experiences) shaped your identity as a Jew?  How has it impacted the way you respond to injustices in the world?

*How do we respond skillfully to dismantle white-body supremacy and heal our own hearts in the midst of racial hatred and ignorance?

Please email Co-facilitators Paul Sackaroff ( or Kevin Freidberg ( for more information.


We will meet via Zoom, once a month

(20 minute sit

Counsel style Check in: 15

Open Discussion and sharing 25)

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  1. Jim Weil says:

    Is there a sign up? When does the group meet?

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