Openings in Sutta Study Groups

Common Ground has two Sutta Study Groups that meet on the first Saturday morning of each month to study the teachings of the Buddha and to strengthen relationships among committed practitioners and leaders. The groups are now accepting applications for new members, who will join the groups starting in May. There are 6 open slots in the existing groups for which a lottery will be run on April 26th. Additionally, we are starting a new, online-only sutta study group with meeting time TBD by the participants.

The groups are open to community members who meet the following criteria:

  • Has had a Buddhist mindfulness practice for five or more years.
  • Has a commitment to daily sitting practice.
  • Participants should have done substantial residential retreat practice in the vipassana/insight meditation tradition. (For example, two nine day retreats or three 4-5 day retreats or some equivalent intensive practice experience.)
  • Members of the sutta study group should be interested in studying and reflecting on the original source material of the Buddha’s discourses.

To fill out the application to join one of these groups, click here.

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