Prairie Farm Work Retreat May 31st – Jun 5th

Prairie Farm Work Retreat

Mon, May 31st – Sat, Jun 5th

5-6 hours of work a day

3 meditation sits a day

We are looking for up to 7 volunteers to help out with a Prairie Farm work period. Here are some of the tasks:

  • We are looking for a few volunteers to help remove some foam board from the attic space above the meditation hall. Some of the work may include standing in cellulose insulation so pants and shoes or boots are required. We need a volunteer or two to remove screws from the foam boards and others to cut the foam board into smaller pieces and bind them together. These would then be taken downstairs for disposal. Someone will be on hand to explain the process, but it’s pretty straightforward. 
  • We are also in need of someone with a truck willing to haul the bundled foam board either to the incinerator station 25 minutes north of the retreat property or back to the transfer station in Minneapolis.
  • Possible weeding and planting.
  • We will need to dig more post holes by the tiny house and mix some cement and fill them. 
  • We might also need to treat the wood on the south and west exterior wall.

We will be requiring masks and keeping social distance. 

For more info or to register, please contact

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