Articles from the Buddhist Justice Reporter

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We wanted to share a three important pieces published by the Buddhist Justice Reporter, two written by Common Ground leaders and teachers:

As It Is Now: Too Many Guns and Too Much Bypass by Zenzele Isoke

Adapting the Precepts for Reconciliation by Patrice Koelsch

Angry Bees and the Questions of 2020 by Marcella Prokof

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    My name is Steven T. Kirkwood (the formerly Tsutomu Takagi) from Japan, born June 29, 1960. I am located in the Pacific Northwest of the United States and live around where the 11th Panchen Llama was found. As legend says, “where you find the Panchen Llama is where you find the next Dalai Llama”. If this were true then it is me. I have been on this spiritual journey since Sept. of 1987 and this is when my enlightenment process took place. I now have continued a relationship with Japan and this time coincides with the death of Emperor Hirohito where again there is a soul transmigration. At this moment of enlightenment or accession I became aware. Since than I have championed my own cause and have made world-class contacts and correspondence. I now just await His Holiness’s next life and instructions.

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