Crowdsourced List of Opportunities for Compassionate Engagement Right Now

Hi Common Ground community,

Mark, Shelly, and I decided to make this post as a way for the Common Ground community to share ways that you are engaging right now to respond to the murder of George Floyd, and to racial injustice more broadly. In the comments below, feel free to share places you’ve been donating, upcoming protests or other events, resources you’re finding useful in learning about racial injustice, and more!

with gratitude for our practice and for each other,

Gabe Keller Flores, Office Manager at CG

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5 comments on “Crowdsourced List of Opportunities for Compassionate Engagement Right Now
  1. Ann Schulman says:

    Wow! What a great thing to do! I learn so much about how to call legislatures or about events that are happening around race, or about protests from my small support groups around Race or Meditaiton or Political Activism and have yearned for such an accessible way to get the word out to all interested peoples. The best way, I have found to create intimacy with my sangha’s has been to answer the call to showing up and learning how to be engaged. Kudos to Mark, Shelly, and Gabe for making this “bulletin board”. I look forward to using it and also be a part of the ASDIC opportunity advertized in this newsletter. Metta to all.

  2. I made a donation to MAD DADS of Minneapolis to honor my father and to acknowledge George Floyd who was supposed to begin working with them before he was murdered.

    “The Minneapolis Chapter of Men Against Destruction – Defending Against Drugs and Social Disorder (MAD DADS) seeks to bring about positive change, and encourages, motivates and guides committed men and women in the struggle to save children, communities and themselves from the social ills that presently plague neighborhoods.

    MAD DADS employ strategies to engage parents in the intervention and prevention of community problems, and is designed to attract, challenge, and prepare them to be vocal, visible, and vigilant in restoring safe communities and healthy families.”

  3. Gabe Keller Flores says:

    Patrice Koelsch, one of our dharma teachers, recommends the following resources:

    “You Can’t Meditate This Away” (Race, Rage, and the Responsibilities of Meditators)”

    “An Uncomfortable (But Meaningful) Conversation About Race”

    “White People Talking About Whiteness”

    “Notice the Rage, Notice the Silence” (note: choose the unedited vesion)

    Oren Jay Sofer’s Anti-Racism Resources

    10 Things White People Can Do to Work for Racial Justice — Oren Jay Sofer

  4. Lu says:

    Yes follow Sebene Selassie on her website or FB page. She has been my teacher for years. She also is at for the 2nd Monday Sacred Earth Sangha monthly. WE can see the ENVIRONMENTAL RACISM in our lives and dialogue and move on towards setting Congress to pass the Green New Deal. THat will help frontline black and brown communities with OVER 50 percent unemployment now.

    Call Congress (I do every night when brushing my teeth). THEY ARE OPEN 24/7 I say my zip code is: and the operator connects me and I leave a daily meditation MESSAGE OF Pass the Green New Deal Resolution and make it a bill for full health care/fully sustainble jobs.
    2. I also go to search on bing (AVOID GOOGLE): the caring majority & follow their videos on youtube or facebook live with Naomi Klein etc. Naomi says in one video GREEN JOBS are CARE WORK (the home care/day care and elderly care industry is in great NEED of workers and the jobs are LOW IMPACT on our mother earth.)!!! SMILE

  5. Gabe says:

    Mark Berge passed this along:

    A list of antiracism resources on Jack Kornfield’s website, including a “Resources for white parents to raise anti-racist children”

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