Dear friend and teacher Nicole Taras’ passing

August 3, 2016

To Our Beloved Common Ground Community,

Yesterday, our dear friend, teacher and leader Nicole Taras passed away after a long and difficult struggle with respiratory illness. Several of us met with Nicole on Sunday afternoon two days before her passing; her mind was clear as a bell and her heart was fully engaged and open. As many of you experienced directly, Nicole was a powerful presence in our lives and in the Common Ground community. She will be missed. Her direct and sharp, funny and kind mind is not easily forgotten.

Dear Nicole, We wish you every blessing, may the wise and beneficent forces in the universe guide you to whatever is next. May your heart rest in wisdom and love.


Mark Nunberg

Guiding Teacher

Common Ground Meditation Center


Nicole Woods1

A message from Tyler:


Nicole went gently in our home today. After nearly a year of heavier health challenges, chronic respiratory infection got the better of us and our efforts. We were prepared, and she did not suffer.

We’ll no longer share Nicole’s easy presence or candid guidance, but her assured forgiveness, unabashed love, and clear spirit will live on in those of us who have been held in her care. We’ve been fortunate.

Please carry her forward; she’s always enjoyed being carried!

Thank you to all who have helped and offered support to Nicole and me over this difficult year, and the last few months in particular. It hasn’t been easy, but it helped us greatly to know that we were never alone or forgotten.

A message from Nicole:

Dear friends,

I am sitting in my beautiful garden on a perfect sunny day as I write this. I have had so many miraculous blessings in my life these past few years and am grateful for the time I have had to spend with family, friends and clients.

As many of you know, I have far surpassed any doctor’s prediction of my life span given the severity of my disability. When I was born they expected me to die before my 5th birthday. Contrarily, I have lived a very active and fulfilled life well into my forties which even surprises me!

However, if you are receiving this letter it means I have died recently and this note was my way of giving you this news myself. Please know that whatever happened to cause my death, I am certainly not suffering any longer.  I have absolute trust in the afterlife and feel excitement at the prospect of attaining freedom from this body and spending some respite time in the spirit realm. I know that probably sounds strange to some people but we all will have our day and it is as natural as birth and a guaranteed ticket to freedom.

At 45 years old I am a medical anomaly just for having survived so well for so long but it has definitely been a tiring year. Please do not be sad for me. I have put up a good show of perseverance through a lot of issues that I would not have been able to survive without the tirelessly excellent caregiving I received from my husband Tyler and spirit daughter Ashleigh. If you see them please give them a hug for me and remind them of my appreciation and gratitude. They both taught me a whole new meaning and depth of love.

A few practical matters:

Number 1: if you email me even after I am passed over I will get your message in the spirit world I promise. I may not be skilled enough to write back from there but I will give you all as many signs in nature as possible.

Number 2: in lieu of flowers or gifts, please donate to an animal shelter of your choosing. The Animal Humane Society of America (different than your local Humane Society) is a good organization. And/or go vegan/vegetarian!

Love, Nicole


See attached Metta Mail from Tyler and Nicole:

Tyler’s Metta Mail Tyler & Nicole

Nicole’s Metta Mail Wisconsin

Nicole’s Metta Mail When striving is surviving

Nicole’s Metta Mail Target

Nicole’s Metta Mail Krishnamurti



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