New Monday Night Study Group

The Buddha’s Words
Spiritual friends gather with the aim to explore the basic concepts of Early Buddhism that are exemplified through teachings handed down for over 2500 years, and discover how the Pali Canon gives expression to the universal truths of suffering and the end of suffering.
This group plans to meet Monday evenings whenever Buddhist Studies is on hiatus. Together we will follow Bikkhu Bodhi’s Anthology of Discourses which is designed to unfold the Buddha’s message in a natural an progressive way: from simple to difficult, from elementary to profound. Wether you’re interested in getting acquainted with the discourses or you would like to deepen your understanding of the greater architecture of the teachings, join us as we explore the Dhamma and it’s practical and immediate impact on our lives.
The first session will meet 7 mondays (March 28 through May 9), from 7:30-9:00 in the meditation hall. Facilitated by Steve Brackett and Robb Reed.

In order for this group to get started we are looking for a few experienced community members who have done residential retreat practice to help facilitate this community group.

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