No Music Festival this Fall

Dear Common Ground community,

As you may have heard, the center staff took a step back this year to contemplate the future of the music festival. The festival has been a beautiful and successful event, raising over $50,000 over 6 years for various organizations doing good work in our wider community. Despite this success, it seems that the event has run its course as we were not able to recruit the necessary volunteer leadership to organize the event. For the many community members who have participated in the past, there may be some sadness knowing that we won’t have this wholesome event this September.

Like all things at Common Ground, the festival was a result of community members freely giving their time and energy to support a vision of generosity and compassion, as well as a vision for a fun community event. It’s natural for certain expressions of that vision to lose steam and for others to take their place. For example, currently two new community groups at the center are exploring the intersection of our practice and compassionate engagement: the social justice activists’ community group and the Befriending Immigrants and Refugees community group.

As an organization, Common Ground doesn’t directly support other non-profits financially. Instead, we try to model generosity and compassion, and encourage and support community members to find ways to express these qualities in their own lives, in their own ways. To this end we provide programming that addresses the roots of suffering, in our hearts and in the world, including opportunities to learn together about the roots of societal suffering like racism and climate change.

Please join us in appreciating the goodness set in motion by the efforts of volunteers and performers over the last 6 years of the music festival. You can find a list of the non-profits who benefited from the over $50,000 donated below.

May we all find ways to be touched by suffering and to respond with compassion,

Gabe and Mary Beth

List of Non-Profit Partners:


Juxtaposition Arts

Doing Good Together

Mn Host Home Network


Immigrant Law Center of MN


Project Sweetie Pie

Buddhist Global Relief

St Stephens Human Services

Seward Longfellow Restorative Justice

WellShare International

Dream of Wild Health

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