Opportunity to Spend Time with Ajahn Chandako at a Lake Cabin

Opportunity to Spend Time with Ajahn Chandako at a Lake Cabin
June 21 to July 7
Ajahn Chandako plans to go up to a lake cabin in Northern MN for Dhamma practice and general relaxation. Each year a group from Minneapolis goes to this cabin to camp, meditate close to nature and offer alms food to Ajahn. Anyone interested is welcome to stay part or all of this time, and this year Ajahn is still in need of a ride. It’s a good opportunity for retreat and dhamma discussions, and this particular lake and forest is wonderfully peaceful. Ajahn is happy to speak about your practice or generally discuss the Buddha’s teachings.
There will be access to the rustic cabin as well as a large garage with a separate room that is used for cooking and eating. There is a fridge, as well as an electric hot plate, toaster oven and enough pots, pans and dishes. Usually people bring whatever food they are going to eat during that time, but there are also grocery stores in local towns. There are places to put up tents and a (nice!) outhouse. Bathing is usually done in the lake, but there is also a propane hot water heater that could be set up. There is a large pontoon raft and a canoe that can used for spending time on the lake.
If you are interested, please contact mark@commongroundmeditation.org
Here are directions to East Smith Lake.

Grand Rapids is 180-200 miles north of Minneapolis, depending on the route. From Grand Rapids, take Highway 38 north toward Marcell. Turn right on County Road 49 (Note: this is about 25 miles from Grand Rapids. There is another access to County Road 49 much closer to Grand Rapids – do not take that one.)

Go on gravel County Road 49 until you pass East Smith Lake on your right and Smith Lake on your left (both lakes come right up to the road). Then travel about a mile or so and you will see East Smith Lake on the right again. The second driveway on the right is the cabin driveway. (this driveway is about 2 1/2 miles from where you turned off the paved road, Highway 38)

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