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Dear friends,

What is the value of the dhamma, this path of practice? When I reflect on its value in my life, there arises a profound sense of gratitude for the love and wisdom I’ve received through this practice and this community. Out of this gratitude flows generosity, wanting to do what I can to ensure that others have the same opportunity I have to access the dhamma.

One beautiful way we can make this practice accessible is by supporting Common Ground’s youth programs. These programs allow parents who otherwise wouldn’t be able to attend our programs to do so. They provide an environment for young people from toddlers to teens to get a taste of meditation and to practice participating in a caring community. And they fill our center with the vibrancy and joy of youthful energy.

The fact that our center is supporting families in this way should be a source of joy for us. We can appreciate our youth teachers, dedicated and experienced practitioners who take several hours each week to creatively plan lessons that teach the dhamma in age-appropriate ways. It’s wonderful to hear our students share the real benefits they are getting from our programs. Hopefully the seeds of mindfulness and kindness we are planting today will serve them in all the rest of their lives to come.

Like everything at the center, these programs exist only because of community members’ generosity. Since the number of families directly participating in our programs is small, we invite the larger community to reflect on whether they value these programs and would like to support them. If so, feel free to leave a check on Sunday mornings in the bowl marked “youth programs” or at any time in the main bowl if you write “youth programs” on the check. You can also donate online and designate your donation for youth programs.

May our good intentions be a cause for real happiness and freedom from suffering in our hearts and in the world,

with gratitude,

Gabe Keller, Preteen Teacher,

on behalf of all the Youth Teachers:

Nancy Boler and Rachel Martin, Children Teachers

Emily Hurd and Erica Seltzer-Schultz, Preteen Teachers
Shelly Graf and Ramesh Sairam, Teen Teachers

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