Weekly Email 6-1-21

Dear Common Ground Friends,

Welcome to June Everyone,

Isn’t it remarkable that our swirling world of causes and conditions continues to unfold, unceasingly! How many times this past year did June 2021 seem so very far away? It is now time for Common Ground to carefully begin our in-person offerings. We are asking for everyone’s understanding as we navigate this uncertain process with many competing demands. We have been listening to our state and city leaders as well as our doctor advisors: Board Chair Dr. Ramesh Sairam, Dr. Steve Hillson and Dr. Megan Brandeland. We deeply value making our programs accessible and helpful for anyone who wishes to practice the teachings of the Buddha. We also want to protect the health of all our participants, teachers and our wider community. With all this in mind we will begin a gradual reopening of our physical center starting with Open Sits every morning beginning this week – see below for more information. On Tuesday, June 8th, 15th and 22nd, there will be a new Community Tea and Dharma practice discussion, 8-9 a.m. that I will lead. We will meet either in the community room or outside depending on how many people show up so please dress accordingly. In early July we expect to add an in-person Sunday evening weekly practice group led by Mark Nunberg and our summer Buddhist Studies Course that will be designed for both in-person and online communities. This will be the first phase of our in-person programming for the months of June and July. We also expect that several of our smaller community groups will start meeting at the center whether in the yard or in the building. And for this next phase we will require that all people in the building be masked and observe social distancing. Although we are not requiring that participants be vaccinated, we do strongly encourage anyone who is able to be vaccinated do this as an act of generosity and kindness for oneself and others. We know that the decision of whether or not to get vaccinated can be quite specific to your circumstances. Please feel free to reach out to us staff if you have any questions about how you might best participate in the center’s in-person or online offerings.

PLEASE NOTE: As we begin to slowly include more and more in-person programs, it is important for everyone to know that Common Ground remains committed to our online community. We are now an extended online community and it is hard to imagine that changing. For the next few months all our online programs will be continuing as they have been. Exactly how the schedule will evolve over time is still unknown but it will include both in-person programs and programs designed for our online community. Finally, we will explore hybrid programs where we attempt to integrate both the in-person and online communities at the same time. Please read the weekly email in the weeks and months ahead to hear about how all this will unfold.

Wishing everyone health and the deepest spiritual healing,

Mark Nunberg
Guiding Teacher

In-Person Open Meditation Schedule
Monday-Saturday, 7:30-8:30am,
Sundays, 8:30-9:30am

come for one or both half-hour sits.

We are limiting capacity to 20 in the meditation hall. If the event fills up, a program host will put out a sign inviting overflow participants to sit in the Community Room or outside on the porch.

Read our COVID Safety protocol before attending, thank you!

Upcoming Program Highlights

The public calendar is working now! See all programs listed there.

Tuesday, June 1st

  • Community Practice Check-In with Mark Nunberg and Stacy McClendon. Guided meditation and then Q&A about our practice, 12:00-1:00pm, Zoom In
  • Truth & Justice Vigil with Jozen Tamori Gibson. A compassionate and grounding practice dedicated to staying present and fully awake in the face of police brutality, and direction on how to remain guided by love and wisdom all the while, 6:00-7:30pm, Zoom In
  • Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation with Mark Nunberg, 4 Tuesdays remaining in this weekly course, 7:30-9:00pm. Zoom In
Wednesday, June 2nd
  • Weekly Practice Group with Shelly Graf. A cornerstone for one’s practice by providing ongoing instruction and teachings that will help illuminate the simple but challenging practice of mindfulness, 7:30-9:00pm, Zoom In

Thursday, June 3rd

  • Practice Check-In: Exploring Racism Through an Inquiry into Whiteness and Domination with Shelly GrafPlease join in for a short grounding exercise before we begin a community conversation/Q&A about our practice, 9:00-10:00am, Zoom In
  • BIPOC Practice Group, The Black, Indigenous, People of Color Practice Group  gathers to explore our spiritual path through meditation and the teachings of the Buddha, honoring our shared experience, while cultivating mindfulness, wisdom, and joy in our community. 6:30-8:00pm, Zoom In

Friday, June 4th

  • Lovingkindness Practice Group with Mark Nunberg. This weekly practice group is for people interested in developing the heart by training in the four beautiful emotions of lovingkindness (metta), compassion, empathetic joy, and equanimity, 7:00-8:30pm, Zoom In
Saturday, June 5th
  • Dharma Practice Reflections with Ramesh Sairam. This biweekly practice and reflection group is an opportunity to explore the practical implications of following the path of dhamma. The emphasis is on establishing and sustaining mindfulness practice, and, especially, its integration in daily life, 10:30am-12:00pmZoom In
Sunday, June 6th
  • Weekly Practice Group with Mark. A cornerstone for one’s practice by providing ongoing instruction and teachings that will help illuminate the simple but challenging practice of mindfulness, 10:30-11:45am, Zoom In
  • Community Practice Check-In with Mark Nunberg and Wynn Fricke. Please join in for a guided meditation and Community conversation and Q&A about our practice. Everyone is welcome, 4:30-5:30pm, Zoom In
Monday, June 7th – Saturday, June 26th
Please consider joining us for our twice-annual Community Practice Intensive that will begin on Monday evening June 7th, 7 – 8:30 p.m. Central Time, and will end with a Daylong Retreat on Saturday, June 26, 9:30-4 p.m. More info and registration here.Saturday, June 12th
MARK NUNBERG leads a Half-Day Retreat, 1:00-5:00pm. More info and registration here.

Save the Date for Labor Day Retreat
This year’s Labor Day retreat will take place Wed. Sep 1st – Mon. Sep 6th. It will be a Zoom retreat with a limited number of spots available at Prairie Farm in person. More info soon.

Please note that all times listed are in Central time. This list of program highlights doesn’t include all our programs; for complete, up-to-date program information, visit the online calendar. We recommend you bookmark it for easy access during the week. You might also want to bookmark our Youtube channel. 

The Practice of Generosity

Continuing in the tradition of Buddhist monasteries in Southeast Asia, all programs at Common Ground, including these online programs, are offered free of charge in the spirit of generosity. This offering is possible because of the generosity of people like you—from the Buddha on down to all the people in our community—who contribute their practice, time, and financial resources to support the continuation of the center.

To learn how to support the center and our teachers, visit this page. Let us know if you have any questions.


Community News

Community Groups Meeting this Week
Wednesday: Be Queer Now, Join fellow compassionate-minded practitioners from the LGBTQQIA+ community for weekly meditation and Dhamma chats. 7:30-9:00pm, Zoom In
Saturday: Buddhism-Christianity Practice Group, 9:00-10:15amZoom In
Sunday: Mindfulness & Depression, Depression hurts, and no one should have to face it alone, together, we share our experience and support each other. We practice using mindfulness to welcome even the most difficult experiences and explore the possibility of acceptance and joy. 4:00-5:30pm, In Person, email depression@commongroundmeditation.org for a spot.
Dharma Friends Sit & Discussion, Our evening will start with a guided meditation, followed by a dharma discussion. 7:00-8:00pm, Zoom In

Looking for Video Editing Volunteer
We are looking for another volunteer to join our video editing team! This involves editing videos of our programs to be posted on our Youtube channel. Basic computer skills required but video editing experience not required; it’s pretty simple! Contact gabe@commongroundmeditation.org for more info.

TCVC Retreat with Steve Armstrong & Kamala Masters
Our friends at Twin Cities Vipassana Collective are offering an online retreat with Steve and Kamala June 10th-13th. More info and registration here.

Community Survey
If you haven’t yet, please fill out this survey regarding your interest in in-person and online programming in the coming months.

Work Retreat at Prairie Farm May 31st – Jun 5th
There are still spots in the work retreat at Prairie Farm this week! More info here. If you’re interested in going out, please email gabe@commongroundmeditation.org. If you’d like to cook a meal for the retreatants, you can see a list of possible recipes here.

Garden Work Days this Summer
If you’re interested in helping out with Common Ground’s beautiful garden this year (in Minneapolis), please contact Kathleen (Keschuler47@gmail.com) to get on the garden team mailing list.

Buddhist Justice Reporter
Read articles from Pamela Ayo Yetunde, Shannon Gibney, Zenzele Isoke and others reflecting on the Chauvin trial.

Recent Blog Posts
All blog posts here

Weekly Tejaniya
Patiently watch impatience. I myself
became more patient because I watched
impatience every time it arose.

Thanks to The Daily Tejaniya for this quote

Happy Work Retreat Crew at Prairie Farm!

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