Elder Wisdom, Children’s Song

For those of you who attended the first annual Festival of Giving and Receiving, you know Larry Long as the fellow who regaled us with a number of songs that emphasize mindfulness, joy, and peace.

Larry, a longtime Common Ground community member, offers an example of “engaged practice” in the expansive work he’s done through his non-profit, Community Celebration of Place. The organization works around the country to strengthen communities’ spirits by using music and art to honor the dignity and contributions of community members, especially elders.

One way that Community Celebration of Place accomplishes this mission in our own community is through celebrations, such as the one held recently at Sanford Middle School. The event, an “Elder Wisdom, Children’s Song” celebration, honored four Sanford community elders with songs and recitations developed by the 7th graders at Sanford, in collaboration with Larry. The songs integrated and honored the life stories of the elders.

For more information about Larry Long, and Community Celebration of Place, go to www.communitycelebration.org.



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