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Stacy McClendon, our board chair and one of the facilitators for the People of Color Community Group, wrote a nice reflection on metta practice recently and Shelly and I thought we’d share it. The POC group meets on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month from 6:30-8:00 p.m.


Hello Friends,
I hope this finds you well (and dry!), with the space you need to reflect kindly on the state of your heart in the myriad of places and relationships you find yourself in.  In the guided meditation we listened to last week, Pascal Auclair invited us to bring awareness to our energy, perspective and intentions as we move about our lives.  He led us in a creative imagining of a Field of Friendliness around us, and allowing all that we encounter to be met with lovingkindness in that field.
I have really found this to be a useful way to begin my day, and have listened to this talk several times!  Throughout my day, I’ve noticed moments of patience where before had been frustration, and greater comfort with unanswered silence where before I may have been inclined to correct or challenge someone.  I’m trying on just not picking up that which is not mine, or does not feel useful in alleviating suffering.
I hope that your practice, too, is benefiting from this teaching, and that you have experienced an opening or softening of the heart.  In the next few days until we gather again, perhaps you will explore your own capacity to meet that which is unpleasant with lovingkindness, or compassion.
I look forward to hearing about your practice, about your insights, next week.


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