Highlighting the Smooch! Project

Our very own Bonnie Fournier, a longtime Common Ground community member (who may have taken your pic for the community wall), was featured in the Star Tribune last month for The Smooch! Project, a working collection of photographs of kisses around the world. Here’s an excerpt:

Could something as simple as a kiss transform the world? St. Paul photographer Bonnie Fournier thinks so, and she’s using her camera to prove it.

“Seeing them helps people feel better,” Fournier said of the 1,300 images in her online archive of couples smooching, mothers kissing their babies and even those puckering up for their pets.

Fournier is behind the “Smooch! Project,” a working collection of 10,000 kisses from around the world. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, she’s holding a special event in Minneapolis this weekend to be included in the collection. (For information, go to www.lindenhills.coop and www.thesmoochproject.com.)

Read the rest of the article here. Congrats, Bonnie!

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