Stories of Generosity- Judith Sarah Rae

Stories of Generosity from the Common Ground Community:  This month’s profile-Judith Sarah Rae.

Over the next many months, we will be profiling community members about their volunteer experience.  Be  on the look-out for one profile every month, describing the volunteer work they do, their motivations, and their insights.  Our goal is to share, within our Common Ground community, what our volunteer experiences are. What is challenging and rewarding about volunteer work? What do we bring, from our practice, to our volunteer work?  We hope that by sharing our stories of community engagement with one another, we will learn and grow together in strengthening compassion and wisdom.  Please enjoy reading Judith Sarah Rae’s story of generosity.

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2 comments on “Stories of Generosity- Judith Sarah Rae
  1. Chad Johnson says:

    It is great to hear these stories. Examples of great behavior and lives are hard to find. than you for the story. The Alternative to Violence Project make an impact and Judith has done a wonderful thing by going in and doing the workshops. Instilling hope help build their readiness.

  2. Shelly Graf says:

    Glad you’ve enjoyed reading these stories, Chad. We will post one every month through June. And yes, hope keeps us moving!

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