The return

I want to feel
In my heart once again
All over
Borne anew
I want to wash my hands of this cold, achy
Tale and begin again
As a flower unfolded from the dark earth
After a hard freeze
Once again in the child of my soul
Once again delivered from her womb



I want

I want
To disappear
Each day
A little further
Into the mystery
Where life is no longer mine
Or yours
Out beyond the final field
Where thoughts are sown
Waiting, just
Waiting for nothing to



The Great Unwinding in the Beloved’s Grace

My heart
A simple thread
Binding me to you
A spool unwound
Oh my Beloved
How I feel
the tug of this chord
Braided to your freedom
Pulling me apart
Unraveling me

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One comment on “Poetry
  1. Fred Howe says:

    These are beautiful poems. I am glad you shared them.
    The first poem reminds me of a Basho poem (and I can think of no higher praise than a comparison with Basho):

    let me cleanse in your brief, sweet waters,
    these dark hands of life.

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