The Mindfulness Watch

To cultivate mindfulness, I’ve heard teachers give the following advice: “Short moments, many times.” To help me on that path, I bought a watch with a vibrating alarm. I set it to go off every 30 minutes. (No one else hears it; it makes a tiny buzz.) Every time it goes off, I stop whatever I am doing and change my focus from the running internal narrative to experiencing information coming into my senses in real time (sensations in my body, noticing thoughts and feelings in my mind, etc.) I try to become as present to this moment’s experience as possible, rather than my default of tumbling forward into the next moment.

hurryWhile I try to be mindful throughout the day, this watch has been very helpful in reinforcing the habit of mindfulness, because it catches me in the middle of things (planning and proliferating) in which I would not otherwise be mindful!

Here are two links to web sites where you could get a vibrating watch. The first one (here)  is less expensive (and made for children to help them potty train!) You can try this site, too.

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One comment on “The Mindfulness Watch
  1. rukoche says:

    thanks for sharing your experience. I was thinking of using one of these watches for quite some time, looks like it’s finally time to order it :)

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