Thoughts from Myoshin Kelley and Mark Nunberg

Hi all,

Thanks to Andrew for taking these notes at recent weekly practice groups!

A paraphrase from Myoshin’s talk: The Buddha did teach that the nature of all phenomena is emptiness, but this does not mean a void. It is better understood as unknowableness; beyond our ability to conceive. It conveys a sense of possibility; unlimited potential for anything to appear, change, or disappear.

A story from a talk from Mark, about the power and danger of having a mind: a man is wandering through the desert and wishes for some shade. All of a sudden, he comes across a tree. Happily, he sits down under it but after a while he starts to get lonely. As soon as the thought occurs to him, someone else wanders up to the tree and joins him. “This is great,” he thinks. If only we had some food and drink to enjoy here, and it appears. At this point the man gets suspicious and thinks “I wonder if there’s a demon in this tree” and a demon appears. “Oh no,” he thinks, “I wonder if it will eat me”. And sure enough it does.

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