Opening the Heart at Prairie Farm

One of the many benefits of the plantings and stone work that Laura Molde and her crew recently completed, is the chance to care for the garden. Early each morning as the sun rises over Prairie Farm I position and start the sprinklers to nourish those plants. The other beings on this land – the birds, crickets, insects – call out and deepen the connection with nature. Together, the sun, the plants, the water, the beings offer a gentle reminder of the beauty that is found in the present moment.

Later in the day as I mowed the trails I recognized a tenderness in the heart. Helping to shepherd and care for this land brings joy and contentment. The stillness, the nature, the generosity Рboth given and received Рand the community of practitioners shine a spotlight on the wholesome qualities of the heart and I find myself blessed to spend time at Prairie Farm.

Wishing you peace and ease in your lives and practice,

Matthew King

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