Work Retreat Jan 17-20

Mark Nunberg will be leading a short work retreat next week and is looking for two others to join him and the few others who will already be at the retreat center. He’s looking for folks who have already been to the retreat center at least twice. If you’re interested, you can register here.
There will be a tuesday afternoon work period, a wednesday morning work period, and a wednesday afternoon work period.
You can arrive as early as 5:30pm Monday, January 17th  and leave 9:00am Thursday, January 20th. (There is some flexibility to arrival and departure times. You can arrive Tuesday morning the 18th and leave Wednesday night the 19th if that works better. You will be able to indicate your exact dates in the registration form.)
Work retreats include a little more social time than normal retreats, FYI.
Mark and other leaders are planning to lead a monthly work retreat, usually the third week of the month or so. Mark or other teachers will also give a dharma talk the 3rd Wednesday of the month. Work retreatants are welcome to attend the talk. This month it is an intro to mindfulness talk, as part of a 3-week intro course Mark is offering at the retreat center.

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