Sutta Study Discussion Theme 11-5-16

From Craving to Liberation, From Grasping to Emptiness: Excursions into the Thought-World of the Pali Discourses by Bhikkhu Analayo,

Chapter 18, Insight/Vipassana

To be read out loud:
Second full paragraph page 208 through the third full paragraph page 209

Third full paragraph page 222 through first full paragraph page 225

Practice theme:

Bhikkhu Analayo reviews the Buddha’s path as a process of deepening and liberating insight into the true nature of reality – clearly seeing the impermanent, conditional, unsatisfactory and impersonal nature underlying all experience. He quotes the Buddha definition of wisdom, “Endowed with wisdom regarding the arising and disappearance [of phenomena], which is noble and penetrative, leading to the complete destruction of dukkha,.” (page 207).

Our job this month is to use the maps of awakening insight not to confuse the mind, nor to promote endless speculation about “Where am I on this map?”, but rather to support confidence in the lawful (and at times cyclical) process of awakening so that the mind commits to the study and practices that actually feed this awakening process:

  1. Stabilize continuity of mindful awareness
  2. Stability of mind allows for a clear seeing and discernment of the underlying truth of the three characteristics:
    1. All worldly things are characterized by change
    2. Experiences that are changing, ephemeral and insubstantial are unsatisfactory
    3. Experience that is changing and unsatisfactory is not self
  3. The deepening comprehension of the three characteristics transforms one’s view so that the practitioner relates to the world of experience with dispassion and disenchantment
  4. Attitudes of dispassion and disenchantment mature into moments of the letting go of attachment or clinging
  5. Periods of non clinging allow the mind to realize/wake up to a natural freedom of mind – a mind not bound by any self problems

Below are the two links I mentioned at the October meeting that relate to this month’s theme of progress of insight. I trust that some of you will find these very interesting.

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