Sutta Study Reflection Theme 1-7-2012

The Middle Length Discourses, MN 2, Sabbasava Sutta, All the Taints

Discussion Theme:

We all experience the mind constructing personal problems out of the ingredients of desiring sense experience, wanting to become somebody, fixing or attaching to a view and misperceiving the way it is. That is why the Buddha refers to these four as fetters, cankers, taints or fermentations of mind. They are the required building blocks for the experience of suffering. The more we understanding the cause and effect nature of suffering, the better the mind understands how to let go.

This month we can focus on one or more of these four fetters and experiment with the seven strategies for ending these fetters suggested by the Buddha: clear insightful seeing, restraining or guarding the senses, wise use of possessions, enduring what is unpleasant, avoiding dangerous situations as much as possible, removing arisen unwholesome states and developing wholesome states. Because we care about this life, we wholeheartedly take up this path of happiness, peace and release through the abandonment of the fetters. We need not be weak in the face of our habits, we can be inspired by the power and effectiveness of wise mindful attention to remove obstacles and show the way.

Sabbasava Sutta: All the Fermentations 2. 3. Sutra on All the Fermentations (thoughts that arise in mind).

Sabbasava Sutta: Discourse on All A?savas 5. 6. How to cite this document (one suggested style): “Sabbasava Sutta: Discourse on All A?savas” (MN 2), translated from the Pali by Burma Pit?aka Association.

Sabbasava Sutta 8.
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The Sabbasava Sutta – Bhavana Society 11. 12. Mar 11, 2008 – The Sabbasava Sutta, All The Taints, MN 2, deals with the eradication of the three taints: desire for sensual pleasure, desire for being,

Buddhist door Media Channel – Majjhima Nikaya: Sabbasava Sutta 15. Aug 6, 2009 – Majjhima Nikaya: Sabbasava Sutta – All the Taints. By Bhikkhu Bodhi. Time : 4:20:37; Views : 1855

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