Annual Gratitude Reflection

Annual Gratitude Reflection

Common Ground Meditation Center Community

Winter Solstice 2019

Dear Common Ground Friends,

As we complete another cycle around our sun, I invite us all to honestly acknowledge and feel into the storms of our inner and collective dramas that cause us and the world so much harm. Let’s also take the time to recognize and be touched by the forces of good in our lives. Let’s make it a priority every day to practice abiding in wholesome states as best we can, planting seeds for greater wisdom and compassion in our world.

Common Ground Meditation Center exists to support this essential human work. We aspire to be a place that welcomes all people interested in awakening to the truth of our bodies, our minds and our relationships with the world around us. As we do this inner work we become better able to do the necessary outer work of healing our families, communities, and our world. Common Ground is a community dharma sanctuary interested in embodying the useful and liberating threads of wisdom from our wise spiritual ancestors, from the Buddha on down.

Let’s be grateful for all the generous folks who stepped up by volunteering, contributing and practicing in community. Common Ground depends on the generosity of those who recognize the importance of these teachings and this community practice space. For 26 years, Common Ground has been protected and enlivened by this beautiful circle of freely giving and freely receiving. May each of us fully inhabit this wholesome joy. 

With gratitude and thanks to all who help make Common Ground possible,

Mark, Shelly, Gabe, and Gail

CG’s Administrative Team on behalf of the Board of Directors and our whole Community

“Soles of a Soul; Myth in Mandala”

by Richard Bonk

The mandala on display is a custom-created digital transformation for Common Ground by community member Richard Bonk. The original source is a photo taken of artist Cecilia Schiller’s “Steps of the Buddha” carved onto the outdoor Common Ground sign. For more info visit