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Editor’s Note: this is the piece that was read at the Festival of Giving on September 8.  Many thanks to Victoria Woolley for sharing this story. When I moved into my Seward neighborhood home there was an old but serviceable cedar

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Second Annual Festival of Giving – Performers

Performers at this year’s event include this wonderful ensemble of local artists: Linda Breitag: Fiddler, singer, and writer of songs that tell the truth, Linda surfs the waves of passion, vulnerability and absurdity in a way that welcomes everyone. Ellis:

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Second Annual Festival of Giving – Non-Profit Partners

Donations will be gratefully accepted to support the following organizations that do wonderful work to help alleviate suffering: Buddhist Global Relief Buddhist Global Relief provides assistance to people afflicted by poverty, natural disaster, and societal neglect with a special

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Second Annual Festival of Giving

Common Ground Meditation Center in Minneapolis invites you to attend its second annual Festival of Giving, a benefit concert and community celebration devoted to the joyful practice of generosity. When: Saturday, September 8, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Where:

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Policy on Fragrances and Scents

Common Ground Meditation Center is committed to making our space as accessible as possible to everyone who chooses to come here to practice. The center is home to people who are very sensitive to chemicals, including fragrances, both synthetic and

The Practice of Dana

As many of you know, Common Ground Meditation Center is supported entirely by the practice of dana, or generosity. Although dana often takes the form of donations, the practice of dana signifies quite a bit more than that. By way

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Guest Post: How Suffering Got a Bad Name

The following is an article by Phillip Moffitt, originally written for the Huffington Post. Moffitt, who teaches at Spirit Rock.  Phillip spoke at Common Ground on April 1st, 2011. Suffering has gotten a bad reputation in Western society. We view

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In Memoriam: Renie Howard

Update: The memorial service for Renie is at a new location: Faith Mennonite Church, 2720 E. 22nd St at 1 p.m., Jan 2. Potluck reception follows at Common Ground, 2700  E. 26th St. Bring a dish to share (or not).

The Mindfulness Watch

To cultivate mindfulness, I’ve heard teachers give the following advice: “Short moments, many times.” To help me on that path, I bought a watch with a vibrating alarm. I set it to go off every 30 minutes. (No one else

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Reflections on a Ten-Day Retreat

When I signed up for the June retreat with Steve and Kamala, my overriding concerns were whether I’d be physically comfortable and whether I’d make it through ten days. I was pretty much uncomfortable the whole time … and the

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