Author: Gabe Keller

Current Weekly Practice Group Theme: Lovingkindness

Metta, or lovingkindness, is the current weekly practice group theme. You can find many resources on the subject here, if you’d like to do additional study:   Practices of Lovingkindness

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The Icy Couch by Charlotte Joko Beck

Here is the link to the article:    

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Dana, Freely Giving and Freely Receiving by John Dienhart

Much thanks to John Dienhart for taking the time to write down his reflections on generosity (dana), titled:  Dana, Freely Giving and Freely Receiving When I first came to Common Ground in the summer of 2015 I did not understand the concept

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A Community Member’s Reflections on Dana (Generosity)

Written by community member Laura Molde: I’m confident most of you know that Dana is most commonly defined as generosity. I agree with that definition and think generosity has a very important part in the concept of Dana, but it

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Samadhi: The arising of the five jhanic factors and the abandoning of the five hindrances

Samadhi: The arising of the five jhanic factors and the abandoning of the five hindrances   The Buddha teaches that the mind is radiant and pure, but as we all know, this essential clarity and freedom of mind is often

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Emptiness and Compassion Chapter from Guy Armstrong

Hi folks, Here is a scan of the Emptiness and Compassion chapter from Guy Armstrong’s book Emptiness. Mark and Shelly have been giving talks on this subject recently and will continue to use the book as a complementary text for

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Gail Iverson’s Reflections on Dana

We have the Buddha’s teachings on awakening due to the practice of generosity. Without the Indian tradition of giving alms to mendicants the Buddha would not have had the means to pursue his path to liberation. Over the past 2500

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Treasurer’s Report 2017

Common Ground Meditation Center Board Treasurer Report  /  Summary of 2016 Financials On behalf of the Common Ground Finance Committee and the Board of Directors, I am happy to report that Common Ground Meditation Center continues to benefit from the

No Music Festival this Fall

Dear Common Ground community, As you may have heard, the center staff took a step back this year to contemplate the future of the music festival. The festival has been a beautiful and successful event, raising over $50,000 over 6

October 25 Screening of “Walk with Me”, a film about Thich Nhat Hanh

Hi folks, Just a note that on October 25 there will be a screening at the Lagoon theatre of a new film about beloved Buddhist monk and mindfulness teacher Thich Nhat Hanh called Walk with Me. More info here