The First of the Three Characteristics of Existence

The Buddhist Studies Program is designed for people who have attended three or more mindfulness meditation retreats and have a commitment to daily meditation practice. The course includes dharma talks, small and large group discussions, and guided sitting time. Participants will be expected to use the teachings as a focus of their meditation and daily life practice. Led by Mark Nunberg.


(Recorded during June – July 2013 Class)

Week 1 – Meditation, Talk
Week 2 – Meditation, Talk
Week 3 – Meditation, Talk
Week 4 – Meditation, Talk
Week 5 – Meditation, Talk
Week 6 – Meditation, Talk
Week 8 – Meditation, Talk

Readings for Impermanence

Teachings on Death and the Impermanence of the Body

  • Experience and Experiencing by Joko Beck
  • AN 6.19 Maranassati Sutta: Mindfulness of Death (1)
  • AN 6.20 Maranassati Sutta: Mindfulness of Death (2)
  • The Section on the Nine Cemetery Contemplations
  • The Time Comes When It Is Easier to Die by Red Hawk
  • The Joy Hidden in Sorrow by Sister Medhanandi
  • Only the Practice of Dharma Can Help Us at the Time of Death Larry Rosenberg from Tricycle Summer 2000
  • The Snowstorm by Loren Eiseley
  • Poem When Death Comes by Mary Oliver from New and Selected Poems Beacon Press
  • Life In Hell
  • Gotama and the Mustard Seed
  • Final Thoughts
  • Additional Resources