Other Retreats

TCVC Residential Retreats

February 16-23, 2018 with Chas DiCapua and Rebecca Bradshaw 
Visit www.tcvc.info for more information.

Other Residential Retreats with Common Ground teachers

Madison Insight Meditation Group

A Theravada Buddhist Community in Madison, Wisconsin

Arrow River Forest Hermitage

near Thunder Bay, Canada is a great place to do an individual retreat, with daily meetings with Ajahn Punadhammo.

There are many opportunities for long and short retreats at the big insight meditation centers around the country:

Insight Meditation Society

in Barre, MA offers retreats at their Retreat Center and self-retreats at the Forest Refuge. They have scholarships for people of color and young people (16-32).

Spirit Rock Meditation Center

in Woodacre, CA.

Cloud Mountain Retreat Center

in Castle Rock, WA.