Reflections on My Time at Prairie Farm – Brenda Shepherd

Dear Community Members,

It’s a beautiful fall day as I look out the window in my cozy bedroom here at Prairie Farm. In some ways, I feel like this had become a second home for me this past summer. Due to Covid-19, I have been out of work and all my music projects have been put on hold. I have been isolated in my home and cut off from my entire social network. This reprieve out at the retreat property has been a lifesaver for me in more ways than one. As I began coming out here in June, I felt more and more a part of the human race once again. There is a light and energy here that seems to flow right into you once you arrive. I begin to relax and connect with the earth and the sky as my body and mind begin to slow down and relax.

All the times I have been out here, I have had a multitude of job descriptions: Gardener, Antique Stove Refinisher, Cleaner, Sander, Painter Extraordinaire. The role that has surprisingly brought the most joy to me so far has been Kitchen Manager. I do not consider myself a cook nor do I really dig it. It’s ok and I can follow a recipe. But what I found out is that it really feels good to prepare great meals, and be able to provide something nice for everyone as they work hard, and in support of their practice. Its even fun setting all the food out with the bowls and all the little extras, making a nice presentation for everyone. It has really helped to feed my creative soul. I don’t normally accept compliments very well, but the appreciation from the other retreatants is making it through to my heart. It fills me with joy that some little thing that I can do can means so much to someone else!

If you have been thinking about coming out to the retreat property, I implore you to set the plan in motion! Email Gabe and let him know of your interest. There is plenty of space here and plenty of little things always need doing. (I can highly recommend the kitchen manager position!) There are also lots of trails to be explored, a babbling brook just down the road, quiet spaces, indoors and out, to sit and meditate. A sauna (yep a sauna!) that has a deck on the back facing the woods to meditate or do yoga on (I do both out there-it’s so peaceful). Little critters at your feet, and all kinds of amazing birds visiting daily. When the wind blows the grove of pine trees across from the kitchen dance in the wind. Don’t believe me? Come and see for yourself.

Peace, Brenda Shepherd

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