About Prairie Farm

barn3Common Ground Retreat at Prairie Farm
is a simple retreat property set in the rolling hills of western Wisconsin. It serves the Common Ground community as a quiet, natural setting to support the calming of the mind and the deepening of insight. The property is located about 80 miles east of Common Ground in an area of small farms north of Menomonie, WI. Most of the 46 acres of land is wooded and hilly, the rest is open field. There are walking trails throughout the property. There is a fenced-in garden and a number of fruit trees. The main building was built by Amish farmers in the late 1980s. The living area currently consists of four bedrooms, a meditation area, kitchen, dining room, and bathrooms. There is a large open workshop/garage that is being developed into a meditation hall and additional living areas. There is also large barn built in 1989 and a storage shed.

Seasonal Practice Periods provide an opportunity for independent retreat practice with the support of an experienced practice leader and a small group of other retreatants. Outside the scheduled practice periods, the property is available to experienced leaders for individual or group retreats. Please see the Retreats at Prairie Farm page for details.

Questions? Please contact prairiefarm@commongroundmeditation.org.

Common Ground Retreat at Prairie Farm
E2572 1450th Ave
Prairie Farm, WI 54762

Map and Directions (Please refer to these directions. Routing apps such as Google Maps may include roads that are challenging in poor conditions.)

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