Practice Meetings

Practice meetings are available to people who have attended programs at the center and who would like to talk about their practice with a spiritual friend/advisor. Mark Nunberg, our Guiding Teacher, and Shelly Graf, our Associate Director, are available for practice meetings. If you’re interested in a meeting with a different teacher, let know.

(In addition to one-on-one practice meetings, Mark and Shelly, along with Stacy McClendon and Wynn Fricke, also hold public Community Practice Check-Ins where you can ask a question. Refer to our public calendar for the links to these programs: in-person on Tuesdays at 8am with Mark, and online: at noon on Tuesdays with Mark and Stacy, Thursdays at 9am with Shelly, and Sundays at 4:30pm with Mark and Wynn.)

Practice meetings are offered freely. If you would like to offer a donation to support the teacher’s livelihood and the center, please visit, use the iPad at the center, or leave a check or cash in the bowl at the center and designate it “meeting with (teacher’s name)”.

To see a list of available slots with our Guiding Teacher Mark Nunberg, click on the name of the month below. Please note that people interested in meeting with Mark for a practice meeting should have listened to several of his dharma talks and participated in several of the group Practice Check-Ins listed above. Please limit meetings with Mark to no more than once every two months.

January 2022

Mark on retreat in November and teaching at the Forest Refuge in December

To see a list of available slots with Shelly Graf, click on the link below:

November 2021

December 2021