Community Practice Intensive

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The next Community Practice Intensive will begin on Monday, Dec 7th 7-8:30 p.m., and end with a Daylong Retreat on Saturday, Dec 19th. This intensive emphasizes the integration of daily life duties and responsibilities with elements of retreat practice. Past participants have found these intensives to be a powerful time to experiment living in a more mindful way and noticing the wholesome effects arising throughout one’s daily life. In addition to a commitment to a continuity of mindfulness in all daily activities, participants are asked to commit to an intensification of one’s formal practice schedule. Please carefully reflect on the practice guidelines below. Most participants will have to creatively adapt and adjust these guidelines so that each person can commit to a schedule that makes sense given one’s duties and responsibilities. These Community Practice Intensives are also a good time to deepen relationships with others in the community. Led by Shelly Graf and Gabe Keller Flores.

Morning Practice: 1 – 2 hours of sitting or walking practice every morning during the practice period.

Evening Practice: Please join in for our Monday gatherings on Zoom on June December 7th and December 14th, 7-8:30 p.m. We’ll begin with sitting time, followed by a short break and then time for circle sharing. In addition to our Monday evening gatherings, participants are asked to attend one of the regularly scheduled Practice Groups each week. Finally, on the evenings we are not gathering on zoom, we commit to doing some formal sitting or walking practice at home on our own.

Mid-Day Practice: 15 minutes of walking, sitting or lying down practice sometime during the middle of the day.

Daylong Retreat: On Saturday, December 19th, there will be a daylong retreat via Zoom for all participants. Please attend as much of the retreat day as possible given our other responsibilities. Official Start at 9:30 am and ending at 4 pm.

Practice Interviews: People participating in the practice period will have the opportunity to sign up for small group practice interviews with Shelly or Gabe if they choose.