Countless thanks from Steve Burt

Hello to the Common Ground Sangha,

This month is the two-year anniversary of my motorcycle accident, two more years of my life that I almost didn’t have. I’m filled with gratitude for the members of this Sangha, who helped and supported me at every point on my journey back to living and functioning. With hospital vigils, metta prayers and thoughts, resource organization, room painting, meals, transportation,  cards and Caring Bridge entries, home visits and so much more, I was comforted and cared for beyond words to express.

The very complete recovery that resulted is unimaginable without all of you. The intensity and depth of your open-hearted support was often remarked upon by medical personnel, comments which put me on notice that I’d better show up with my best efforts in kind!

I speak for my wife Ellen as well, as we wish that your great compassion and generosity may me a continuing cause for happiness in your lives as it has been for ours.

Love and countless thanks to you all for your practice.

Steve Burt

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