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Self-Acceptance and Equanimity

Quotes from Mark’s talks this week. “What makes us a powerful learner and creatively engaged is equanimity: moving into the world with an open heart and mind.” “If we do not realize thought is impersonal, we assume ‘if I had

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Sutta Study Discussion Theme 8-6-16

From Craving to Liberation, From Grasping to Emptiness: Excursions into the Thought-World of the Pali Discourses by Bhikkhu Analayo, Chapter 15, Equanimity/Upekkha Sections to be read outloud: 15.2 Top of page 167 through the third paragraph on p. 169 15.3

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Editor’s Note: The following is the last in a series of posts by Nora Murphy about the “10 paramis,” or qualities of heart-mind. With these posts, she’ll take an informal, personal approach to each of the paramis, in an effort

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Reflections on a Ten-Day Retreat

When I signed up for the June retreat with Steve and Kamala, my overriding concerns were whether I’d be physically comfortable and whether I’d make it through ten days. I was pretty much uncomfortable the whole time … and the

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