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Reflections from retreat with Steve Armstrong and Kamala Masters, June 2012

A wonderful moment from Kamala and Steve’s retreat this year occurred for me during a walking meditation, when I rounded a corner and saw a fellow yogi sitting cross-legged on the ground, scribbling into a notebook. Until that moment I

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It’s Just Vedana: Reflections on the (Rain) Forest Retreat

There is a sound I hear when my mind is clear and focused. It is not a high-pitched ringing sound like you might hear when you are underwater or leave a loud rock concert… It is a musical note that

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Buddhist Retreat, With Kids

My daughters and I just returned from a 6 day retreat at Aranya Bodhi Monastery in the forest of Northern California. We were immersed in the beauty and tranquility of the forest, taken away from our usual distractions, and had

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Reflections on a Ten-Day Retreat

When I signed up for the June retreat with Steve and Kamala, my overriding concerns were whether I’d be physically comfortable and whether I’d make it through ten days. I was pretty much uncomfortable the whole time … and the

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Reflections on Heart of the Forest retreat

I remember thinking that people who went on last year’s Heart of the Forest Retreat were much further along in their meditation practice than I was.  I had only done a few of the three-day Holy Spirit retreats. I liked

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Observations of a barely yogi

I recently finished my first residential retreat (a weekend) at the Christine Center, led by Steven Armstrong and Kamala Masters. I had anticipated the mental dullness and torpor and–for someone who likes to talk–the stress of being silent. Got that.

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