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Sutta Study Discussion Theme 12-3-16

From Craving to Liberation, From Grasping to Emptiness: Excursions into the Thought-World of the Pali Discourses by Bhikkhu Analayo, Chapter 19, Tranquility & Insight To be read out loud: Section 19.1; First paragraph page 230 through second full paragraph page

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Post-Retreat: Reentering Life’s Freeway

Imagine laying in a forest, bathed by the fourth-dimensional serenity of nature and sunlight playing across the landscape.  And, suddenly, a wormhole opens and you are thrust onto the middle of a freeway junction with cars zigzagging in every direction. 

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The Extraordinary Ordinary

When my sister and I were growing up, we started to catalogue Dad’s various idiosyncratic sayings.  Some were out of context, some were hilarious and some were actually profound, as in, “Life is made up of moments.” Life is full

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