Common Ground is an independent center founded on the teachings of the Buddha. This center follows in the spirit of the Insight Meditation Society (IMS) in Barre, Massachusetts and Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Northern California and is part of the greater Insight Meditation or Vipassana community in the West. We welcome skillful means from all Buddhist traditions as well as other spiritual traditions dedicated to wisdom and compassion.

Common Ground Meditation Center exists to support the awakening of suffering beings through the development of an ethical life, the cultivation of a pure heart and quiet mind, and through a deepening of insight into the way things are. These trainings are all guided by mindfulness, and with dedicated practice they lead to freedom from fear, clinging and all ideas of separation. As a community, we take refuge in the freedom of the awakened heart. We take refuge in this path of training and a life of mindful awareness and finally, we take refuge in the great generosity of those who have undertaken this practice and who show us the way.