Truth & Justice Vigil

The Truth & Justice Vigil is intended to be a compassionate and grounding (virtual) support for practitioners following and impacted by the trials of the police officers involved in the killing of George Floyd, so that we may stay present and fully awake in the face of obscene brutality and still remain rooted in the intention to be guided by love and wisdom. We have invited Black Buddhist teachers and leaders from across the U.S. to join in leading the Truth & Justice Vigil.

Ayo Yetunde and Stacy McClendon will open the Truth & Justice Vigil on Monday March 29th 6-7:15p, and all subsequent sessions will take place 6-7:30p CST on Tuesdays, beginning April 6th.

Future sessions will be led by the following teachers:
Myokei Caine-Barrett, Shonin
Gloria Gotsnell
JoAnna Hardy
Vimalasara Mason-John
Stacy McClendon
Shante Paradigm Smalls
Tuere Sala
Anouk Shambrook
Ralph Steele
Angela Dews
Marisela Gomez
Rashid Hughes
Noliwe Alexander
Jozen Tamori Gibson
Dr. Kamilah Majied

Check the online calendar for the most up to date information and Zoom links.

Click here to view the PDF version of the Truth & Justice Vigil flyer. Feel free to spread the word!

A Truth and Justice Vigil is offered in collaboration with Buddhist Justice Reporter: The George Floyd Trials, a project of the intentional BIPOC Buddhadharma community for justice making Order of Freedom. For more information, please visit

Common Ground Meditation Center